Manifesting Monuments

Flem Dyke by Jo Miller

Caryatid from Eleusis by Debby Lauder

Georgetown, Guyana by Karran Sahadeo

Al Hadr by Kelcy Davenport

Former British Consulate in Takao by Chang Wei Han

Employing a range of methodologies, drawn from social anthropology, historical research, cultural geography, storytelling and museological practice, the SIX Collective explore the multiple narratives generated by a number of monuments in, Cambridgeshire (UK), Georgetown (Guyana), Hatra (Iraq), Kaohsiung (Taiwan) and Mumbai (India). The results of their research, shown through their six artist’s films, speak both of place and displacement; of histories and ideologies; of the local and the global; of the entwined structures of language and power.


15 October 10:00 Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
15 October 11:30 No 3, Ln 9, Tianston Road, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
16 October 18:00 Jeevan Ashiayana, Borvali West, Mumbai


The screening comprises of six 10 minute films by artsts, Debby Lauder, Jo Miller, Farah Mulla, Karran Sahadeo, Chang Wei-Han and Kelcy Davenport (in collaboration with guest filmmaker, James W. Norton).